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Whether you want to get in the ring, get in shape, or just learn for self defense – we have all of the resources you’ll need to learn martial arts techniques, drills, and workouts in a well rounded program. None of these require weights or equipment, just your determination and hard work.

Exit your comfort zone. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Your body is a powerful tool – let’s utilize it

MMA Technique Training

Mixed Martial Arts Techniques

Muay Thai. Boxing. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Self Defense. + More.

Martial arts training is rooted in years and years of history from all over the world. Some people train to compete, some to learn culture, and some for self defense. Whatever your motive is, you are guaranteed to build knowledge, strength, & confidence with our technique tutorials. Over 300 HD videos are available to members 24/7. So you can train at home, on the road, or in the break room.

Mixed Martial Arts Drills

Our martial arts drills are a systematic way of putting your technique training to the test. We’ve designed them to feel like you’re training in person with a coach. You can also learn these drills & practice offline with a partner. Our collection of drills includes:

  • Boxing Pad Work: Hitting pads is a boxing drill that incorporates your punches, footwork, and defense into a number system for training reaction time, accuracy, and combos.
  • Mayweather Pad Work: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is known for his speed and defense in the ring, which he trains with his coaches when hitting pads. This series of pad work focuses on head movement and reaction time with custom cues.
  • Kickboxing Drill: Our kickboxing drills require you to memorize a number system of 1 thru 20, with each number corresponding to a kickboxing technique (punches, kicks.) You’ll train combos, speed, accuracy, and more in these 5 drills.
  • + More: BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling… each martial art has drills important for strengthening the body and mastering technique. Everything from balance & coordination to speed & control are put to the test with our drills.

Can you really learn martial arts online?

Yes! We have hundreds of detailed and comprehensive videos designed to teach you basic to advanced martial arts techniques. Our personal trainers are available 24/7 at [email protected] to answer any of your questions. Live streams give you the chance to interact on-one-one with these trainers.

While no equipment is required and all of these drills can be trained alone, the use of a heavy bag or partner will increase your skill level even faster.

Some members use our website to supplement their training at another gym. Since our videos and workouts are available 24/7, train after hours at My Fight Gym while your competitors are sleeping!

Training Guides

Getting Started (Weekly Trainer)

Our Getting Started Guide is your personal trainer, introducing you to all of our programs in one weekly plan. Combining martial arts technique and fitness training for a comprehensive routine, this guide will refine your basic form, build strength, and increase endurance.

MMA Starter Pack

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is just as it sounds: the combination of different martial arts styles and techniques to make one ultimate fighting system. This starter pack will teach you basic boxing punches and blocks, Muay Thai kicks and knees, and BJJ grappling submissions and escapes.

Advanced Muay Thai Guide

The advanced Muay Thai guide is not for everybody. You must have mastered the fundamentals and have a strong understanding of striking. In this 4-part lesson plan, you’ll learn intricate sweeps, complex clinch work, and clever combos.

Boxing Footwork Guide

Footwork is the foundation of boxing. Without proper balance, weight distribution, and distancing, you won’t be able to land significant punches. Additionally, footwork can be used to spatially control the ring, evade an aggressive opponent, and even control your opponent’s next move. This 4-part lesson plan will lay down the groundwork for power punches and advanced combos.

Boxing Sparring Guide

Sparring is the most realistic training you can get to the real match. However, it’s impossible to do if you don’t have a partner to spar with. Plus, it can take a serious toll on your health when taking punches to the head and body. Thus, Virtual Sparring was created! Gain all of the benefits like improved reaction time, more accurate punches, faster head movement, and a great workout, without actually getting hit.

In 4 rounds of sparring, you will train against a Defensive Fighter, a Southpaw, an Aggressive Fighter, and a Tricky Fighter.

3D Boxing Sparring Guide

Take the Boxing Sparring Guide to a whole new level with a 3D headset. These 4 drills will help to improve reaction time, sharpen your head movement, and increase your speed — all without getting punched in the face! You can use any Virtual Reality smart phone headset (We recommend this one: http://amzn.to/1J8PoaF)

Virtual Sparring

Live Streams, Guides, & Drills

Imagine fists flying at your face and knees cutting into your sides. Sound painful? It is.

Virtual Sparring trains the reflexes and combinations you need to know to protect yourself in a fight – without the contact. While full-contact sparring prepares fighters for the ring, this simulation trains the same skills without potential for injury. If fighting isn’t your thing, these intense drills are a full body workout including cardio (without the treadmill.)

Virtual Sparring streams live every Friday at 3pm PT/6pm ET and alternates between Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA techniques. Live recordings are posted to the website afterwards. Virtual Sparring guides and drills are also available.

Fitness & Drills

Fighter F.I.T.

F.I.T., or Functional Integrated Training is just common sense. The muscles & motions you exercise should train your body to actually use it. You may not want to be a pro fighter, but the benefits of fight training go beyond the ring.

Our Fighter FIT workouts integrate martial arts & calisthenics into 5 rounds of body weight exercises based on famous fighters. There is no time limit, just a certain amount of exercises that you need to complete. Time yourself each time to see how much you improve!

These exercises strengthen muscles you use every day, like your arms, back, and hips. So you’ll not only look and feel better, but daily tasks will become easier!

Strength & Conditioning

Our strength & conditioning classes include live stream workouts & training advice, Kickboxing & Boxing cardio workouts, and Abs Express (a quick core workout.) None of these require weights or equipment since we rely on martial arts, body weight, and calisthenics to build lean muscle.

Stretching & Flexibility

Stretching is often neglected, however it’s required to prevent injury & increase flexibility. Increasing flexibility is necessary for many aspects of fitness and martial arts (including high kicks, ground control, and squats to name a few.)

Our Stretching & Flexibility videos include live stream Power Yoga classes, live stream Stretch & Strengthen classes, and pre- & post- workout stretches.


Nutrition Guides

Our nutrition coach, Haylie Grayson, is an amazing resource for nutritional guidance here at My Fight Gym. She has a very practical outlook at dieting that includes NO restrictions or unreasonable demands. Her series of nutrition guides (for purchase here) includes:

  • The Only Fat Loss Guide You’ll Ever Need
  • A Plant-Based Nutrition Guide

Live Streams

Haylie also hosts live streams explaining the importance of the food and nutrients you put in your body. Some of her streams include:

  • Food for Fuel Series: Our intense martial arts training is fueled by what we eat. Haylie takes a specific food and explains the benefits it has for your mind & body.
  • Intro to Nutrition Lingo: Calories, macros, vitamins, minerals, what’s the difference? In this series, Haylie explains what all of this lingo really means for your diet.

Our nutrition live streams also cover easy recipes, dieting tips, and more!

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