#MyFightChallenge Day 2: Mental Exercise

#MyFightChallenge is an online Fight Camp workout with daily training, nutrition, & mental-strength challenges designed to help you evolve into a stronger, healthier ‘you’. Click here for more info. You’ve just embarked on a month-long journey. It’s going to be an exciting and fun adventure….

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Double-End Bag: Increase Coordination, Reflexes, and Rhythm

The double end bag is an inflated punching ball with two elastic cords on either end that connect from the floor to the ceiling. The moving ball simulates both a moving target, just like your opponent’s head, and their returning punches.  It is an essential…

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Why You Should Be Doing Functional Integrated Training

Functional training is classified as training to help improve the ability to perform everyday activities. Meaning it helps  to help with mobility and stability. Meaning it is the ultimate life hack to make everyday tasks easier. More specifically, I want to talk about sport-related functional…

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Key Points When Sparring (for Beginners)

Sparring is the closest thing to a real fight. It combines your heavy bag and shadow boxing drills with full contact training so you’re prepared to defend against an actual opponent. If you’ve never sparred before, here are 10 tips for your first sparring match:…

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