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5 Powerful Ways to Boost your Immune System

By Haylie Grayson So you want to boost your immune system so you won’t succumb to a cold or flu as easily as your opponent? Great! Before we begin talking about the lifestyle changes you can implement to boost your immune system, it’s imperative to…

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Fear of Failure & Stress in Training

In training, it is not uncommon to face unrelenting challenges. Accepting a new journey of fitness & fighting forces you to go outside of your comfort zone towards new ideas and experiences. These new things can induce panic, fear of failure, confusion, and thousands of…

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Key Points When Sparring (for Beginners)

Sparring is the closest thing to a real fight. It combines your heavy bag and shadow boxing drills with full contact training so you’re prepared to defend against an actual opponent. If you’ve never sparred before, here are 10 tips for your first sparring match:…

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